A Valiant Fight

From Our Beloved Peaceful Warrior

On May 8th, 2012 Paxton’s parents, John and Danna, took their almost three-month-old son to the pediatricianpaxton_andrews-300x300 for what appeared to be a cold and a possible eye infection. Within hours, doctors told them the most devastating news of their lives. Baby Paxton had cancer throughout his tiny body. Within days, after countless, painful, diagnostic procedures, the physicians at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin had determined that little Paxton needed to begin chemotherapy immediately. His tumors were growing quickly, and time was not on his side. Paxton began his first round of chemo five days later, on Danna’s very first Mother’s Day.

In the weeks that followed, baby Paxton endured chemo treatments every other week. The side effects from the treatments were serious, but our little warrior took everything in stride, snuggling into his loving parents’ arms, even though he was so very sick. The Andrews family began the terrifying emotional roller coaster of childhood cancer. One day Paxton would be stable, the next he could be rushed to the hospital due to a dramatic change in his condition.

News of this tiny warrior spread quickly throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Friends, family, local businesses, and complete strangers were heartbroken to hear of another child fighting cancer: this time, a three-month-old baby. In the days that followed, donations for medical care and lost wages were made, meals were prepared and delivered, neighborhood fundraisers were held in Milwaukee, and many, many prayers were spoken.

On June 30th, 2012, after more imaging tests, John and Danna’s worst fears were confirmed. The treatment was not working; the cancer had taken over Paxton’s tiny body. Paxton did not want to fight any longer. The staff at Children’s Hospital discontinued the treatment regimen and worked to keep him comfortable throughout his final hours. On July 2nd, 2012, ten days shy of his five month birthday, Paxton Bowe Andrews ended his battle with cancer in the comfort of his daddy’s arms, as his Momma tightly embraced both her boys – she whispered words of love and adoration into Paxton’s ear.

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