PAX Warrior Scholarship

Paxton Bowe Andrews ~ Warrior Scholarship

Maximum Award:


Application Deadline:

May 1st, 2019

Scholarship recipients will be notified by May 18th, 2019.

Scholarship Background:

The PAX Warrior scholarship was established in honor of Paxton Bowe Andrews, and done so to recognize his beautiful soul and his courageous fight against childhood cancer. Paxton never got to experience a first day of school, much less graduate from high school, or realize his many dreams. It is our intention that the recipient of the PAX Warrior Scholarship use their awarded funds to assist in fulfilling a cherished dream.

Regardless of their age, when a child is diagnosed with cancer they are set off on a journey that greatly differs from any adult experience. As a result, the world can be isolating, terrifying, and unbearably painful. While each warrior navigates their diagnosis in a unique way, they all do so with unparalleled grit and unyielding bravery.

We remain inspired by our warriors who continue to persevere, despite a childhood cancer diagnosis. We are further motivated by the young adults who provide support for those directly affected by childhood cancer.

Scholarship Recipient Commitment:

As the years pass on, we ask that the recipient think of Paxton often: say his name, tell his story. Above all else, we hope the recipient will carry Paxton in the safest part of their heart as they roam the world wild and free.

Scholarship Recipient Eligibility:

The PAX Warrior scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior whose life has been impacted in some capacity by childhood cancer. Candidates include an individual who is: currently undergoing treatment for childhood cancer; a survivor of childhood cancer; a sibling, relative, or friend who has been diagnosed with cancer; and/or an ambassador and champion of childhood cancer. The recipient must possess high character and demonstrate perseverance, humility, and courage. To align with our mission to support local families, the recipient must reside in southeastern Wisconsin, or have supported a child with cancer who resides in southeastern Wisconsin.

Scholarship Required Materials:

Submit high school transcript (unofficial will suffice)
Submit PAX Warrior Scholarship Application
Submit written response to essay prompt – “Describe the ways in which childhood cancer has impacted your life.”

PAX may request references or additional materials to make a final determination on the scholarship recipient.

Submit To:
Paxton Andrews Foundation
Attn: Scholarship Committee
Subject Line: PAX Scholarship

Pax Warrior Scholarship Application - Download

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