An Army of Love

Supporting Children and Families in Their Fight Against Childhood Cancer

four-percentOn May 8, 2012, Paxton Andrews was taken to his pediatrician for what appeared to be a common cold and possible eye infection. Hours later, doctors confirmed that 3 month old Paxton did not have a cold, nor an eye infection, but a rare form of cancer. After a valiant fight, Paxton ended his battle with cancer on July 2, 2012.  The Paxton Andrews Foundation is an “Army of Love” honoring our Peaceful Warrior, Paxton, and children all over the world who are fighting cancer. We’ve proudly grown by the thousands, from our home base in Milwaukee, over to Cali, down to Texas, clear over to New York, straight up to Canada. Pax Love has even jumped the pond and landed inside the kindest souls in London, went ‘down-under’ to Australia and back around again. We work closely with each family of Our Warriors to lighten their load and mitigate the unimaginable stress. The needs of each family are as unique as each child’s cancer and treatment. Our goal is to ease the endless burdens associated with childhood cancer and allow parents to focus their energy where it is most important: on their child and the overall family unit.

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The Paxton Andrews Foundation is an official 501©3 Non-Profit Corporation.


Our mission is to support children and families in their fight against childhood cancer by developing personalized assistance programs, based on the needs of each child and family, and by promoting and contributing to advocacy programs for childhood cancer research and awareness. We do so in honor of our Peaceful Warrior, Paxton Bowe Andrews.


The families and warriors we serve will receive the unique, intimate, assistance they need to help cope with the challenges caused by childhood cancer. We seek to lift the overwhelming burdens, ever-so-slightly, and to remind families that they are not in their fight alone. Most importantly, the little warriors will feel the warm embrace of an Army of Love fighting beside them.Read More »

Core Values

Staying true to the mission and vision of the Paxton Andrews Foundation, our core values include, Children, Family, Support, Compassion, Stewardship, Hope, and above all else – PaxLove.

Our Services

Think of the wonderful “chaos” that exists for a healthy family balancing the responsibilities of maintaining a career, paying bills, managing a household, and transporting kids to and from their activities on time. Now consider the devastating chaos that exists for a family after their child is diagnosed with cancer. We’ve established the following core services to manage the chaos and ease the burden for our families:


With support from our Army of Love, we provide financial assistance to our ‘warrior families’. We ease the financial burden associated with treatment of childhood cancer through assisting with payment of mortgages, medical bills, travel and other expenses.


When parents spend their days and nights in the hospital, making a meal for themselves and their family becomes nearly impossible. Yet, a home-cooked meal is one of the most effective ways to provide comfort. We ensure healthy meals are available for parents who are with their children in the hospital, and/or for siblings, parents and care takers who need meals at home.


We provide confidential insurance services to help families navigate the relentless barrage of insurance statements and provider invoices. We sort through medical statements, identify claims that need review, and work with insurance companies and providers to reconcile billing issues.

Family Care

One of the biggest challenges parents face when their child is fighting against cancer is ensuring other siblings are being cared for. Often friends and family members want to help, but it’s difficult for parents to identify how people can help. We work with parents to identify their resources and coordinate care for other members of the family amongst the people whom they trust most.

Home Care

When parents are caring for a child with cancer, maintaining things around the home can be difficult. We coordinate efforts to maintain the home (routine cleaning, lawn and gardening, snow removal, pet care, laundry, grocery shopping, etc.) and help to ensure the family is living in a clean and healthy environment.

Join Our Army

We are 100% volunteer run - which is why we need you. Each and every one of us has something special to offer these little warriors.

Get Involved

Whether you can commit to one event, or partner with us long-term, we would be honored to count you among Paxton’s Army of Love.

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Together, we can make a difference in the lives of all those fighting childhood cancer. Together, we can help more children.