A Superhero In His Own Right

When Yair was five years old, in December of 2012, he was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML).  Following his diagnosis, he received four months of chemotherapy followed by a bone marrow transplant in May of 2013.  One course of treatment like this is more than any person, young or old, should have to contend with. However, Yair’s leukemia unfortunately relapsed in December of 2013.  After more chemotherapy and a second bone marrow transplant, he and his family left the hospital in February of 2014, hoping that the worst was behind them.  Seven months later, Yair and his family received the heartbreaking news that the leukemia had relapsed again.  Yair began receiving chemotherapy in October of 2014, resulting in lengthy hospital stays.

Yair’s family lives a couple of hours from Milwaukee, where he receives his treatment at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.  His Mom is by his side most of the time, but he misses his Dad and 3 siblings and looks forward to their visits.

Now eight years old, Yair has a passion for superheroes – as do many eight year old boys.  Yair’s favorite superhero?  Spiderman of course!  He loves all things Spiderman and was thrilled to meet the “webbed wonder” during a Make-A-Wish visit to Orlando last September.

PAX thinks Yair is a superhero in his own right.  We are honored to be helping Yair and his family as he continues this long and difficult battle.

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