PAX proudly introduces our newest warrior – the equal parts darling and dynamite, Katie.

Currently a junior at Cudahy High School, Katie is proving to be a super-star both on and off the volleyball court. In addition to her prowess in volleyball, Katie demonstrates her ability to balance both power and grace by her participation in dance and the varsity Power-lifting Team.

In October 2017, Katie noticed a lump on left side of her neck. Concerned enough by the mysterious appearance of this growth, Katie’s mom, Patty, scheduled an appointment with her pediatrician. Katie was quickly referred to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin a battery of ultrasounds and CT scans confirmed the diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – Stage III.

Katie has now successfully completed four, aggressive cycles of chemo through outpatient at Children’s Hospital. Her treatments have not been free of complications. However, Katie perseveres with the support of the medical staff at CHW, as well as her brother, Rusty, and of course, her loving mom.

Despite the shocking diagnosis and the grueling treatments, Katie maintains a positive attitude about the future. Her fight, reflective of a girl born and bred in Cudahy, is evident through reading some of her recent social media posts, “Hodgkin’s Lymphoma you picked the wrong girl!”

During Katie’s treatment, a benefit was hosted by the tight-knit community of Cudahy, to help Katie’s mom offset the exorbitant medical costs associated with a childhood cancer diagnosis. The kindness bestowed upon Katie and her family through the benefit, left Katie determined to give back. Our warrior girl asked all in attendance to donate items so that she could make personalized gift bags to give to other teens undergoing treatment for cancer at Children’s Hospital. All the donations and additional monies raised allowed Katie to give 43 personalized gift bags!

On January 29th, 2018, Katie rang the bell – signifying the end of her treatment. However, Katie continues to meet with her medical team for routine exams, blood work, and scans. Katie is a survivor. Katie is proof positive that childhood cancer does not define a child – it merely intensifies his/her warrior ways.

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