Meet Dafne

DSC_6376-417x630We are thrilled to tell you that Dafne completed her chemotherapy and radiation treatments and returned home in September!

She was also able to return to school this fall, right around the time that her family welcomed a new baby brother.

Dafne continues to visit Children’s for routine exams, blood work and scans. Please keep her in your thoughts as she continues to recover from her treatment.

We first met Miss Dafne just before Christmas in 2012. The spunky 9-year-old girl was undergoing grueling treatment to fight the cancer in her abdomen.

During a special birthday visit, Dafne’s mom, Maria, shared with us that Dafne consoles other kids in the unit whenever they’re scared (especially before a surgery) by telling them that she has angel named Paxton, and that he will watch over them too.

So many kids in the unit talk about their angel, Paxton. We were told that there are parents that have said that they silently ask him to watch over their children while they wait for surgery to finish. Paxton’s spirit is strong in these kids.

Dafne’s family could really use some help. With seven children, it is really hard to make ends meet when every bit of energy they have is focused on fighting this horrible cancer. Make a donation today to help us help Dafne and other warriors like her.

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